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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the weather limitations?

We use high performance drones for extended weather opportunities, so we can fly on most days. However, there are limitations:
Wind – max 15 kts

On the day, local variations such is windshear by buildings or other features, mean that local conditions can be better or worse than forecast.

The pilot has the ultimate say on whether or not it is safe to fly the drone.

Can you edit the media afterwards?

Yes. We can offer all sorts of post production editing, from basic to tv grade professional. Please contact us for more details.

What is the cancelation policy?

We can reschedule an event any time until 24 hours before the event, or 24 hours before the crew have departed to get to the event.

How much does it cost?

That all depends on what the situation is. Please call to discuss your requirements. We do market research to ensure we remain competitive, but want to ensure you get the quality and safety that you need.

Standard daily rates are £1150/day for aerial filming, £350/day for normal filming, £350/day for video editing. Generally we sell a complete video production, which tends to be cheaper.

We are not VAT registered.

Can you fly in the rain?

No. Sadly we cannot fly in the rain since the drones are not waterproof and they are electrically operated. However we can usually wait on site until the rain has cleared. Alternatively, if the decision has been made the day before the planed operation, we can postpone to another convenient date.

How high can you fly?

The drones themselves can fly as high as most European mountains, indeed we have flight tested our quad copter to over 7,000′ in the mountains. We are legally restricted to 400′ above ground level without further permission. If you have any questions, please contact us – we may well be able to help.

How does the ‘First Person View’ work?

First person view means that you can see what the camera sees. This ensures you get the right shot, at the right time.

What equipment do you have?

We have two drones – a hexacopter and a quadcopter. The hexacopter carries a GH4 camera which takes film in 4k and photos up to 16MB. The quadcopter carries a GoPro filming 2k or taking 10MB still images. We also have a steady-cam, other cameras for filming, sound and lighting equipment.

See more details here.

How quickly can you get the footage?

We have an ethos of ‘how high’ at Hollywood Drones and we aren’t just happy jumping in response to a request but will jump higher than others.  We will happily provide any express service that you wish, be it next day or overnight editing.

Will you give me a discount?

Yes !! Naturally, like any operator, we like to be paid to provide a professional service using only highly trained and experienced crews and equipment.  That said, like any other business, we are happy to provide discounts for returning clients or where we think there are savings to be made on your behalf.  Of course if you come and ask us nicely to film something that really grabs our attention, we’re more than happy to talk about mutually beneficial packages.

How do you survey land?

This is fully dependent on your needs and the type of service you would like us to provide.  We are able to shoot images using a variety of filters and lenses to allow you to view images in different contrasts (for example using infra-red filters to highlight the vegetation density index) or more specialist software that can do everything from estimating the land mass of an object or void to 3D topographical models to highlight altitude or slope plain values.

What resolution is the film?

Our cameras provide stunning ultra-high definition (HD) video and stills, guaranteed to surpass your expectations.  With 16.05 mega-pixel still shots and 3840 x 2160 (4K2K) resolution video available, you can be assured you’ll receive nothing other than the highest quality images from us.

Can You Fly Indoors?

Yes we can! Indoors flying is not governed by the CAA so the rules are less restrictive, however insurance is only covered on a case by case basis. We need a minimum of 4 metres x 4 metres with at least 3 metres height. The benefit is of course that we are not limited by the weather, however some of the more complex flight patterns take more practice to perfect indoors. If you have a project, get in touch and we’ll do are best to help out.

See our video here of Oxford University Maths Building for an example of our filming indoors.

How long can you fly for?

The drones we fly are battery powered, and the battery is usually the limiting factor for flight. Depending on location, wind speed, flight requirements and other factors we can generally fly for up to 10 minutes per flight. After that we need to change for a fresh battery. Changing batteries only takes a minute or so. We have a few spare batteries for each drone, and usually charge them up on site such that we have a system of some batteries charging whilst others are in use.

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