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Keble College Boat Club

Keble College Boat Club by drone

These are exciting times in the run-up to the forthcoming Torpids races and then Summer Eights.

As the team practice, they wanted to understand how aerial filming could offer a unique perspective on detail difficult to see from the ground, and to highlight areas they need to focus on to further improve their performance.

Keble College Boat Club are doing exceptionally well this year with ambitions of competing at Henley.

This video was put together one early morning in February, showing the team rowing from a number of different angles to help the rowers and coach to refine their techniques.

Rowing Practice Video


Thanks to our website company Patagia, we can also offer GPS trackers to be installed in the boats. These relay a position to a server every 5 seconds. This can then easily be relayed to a map on our or your website. We can also offer ground and air based cameramen who can get photos quickly onto a website. This is a superb way to keep the audience engaged during races – even when they cannot see the boats they can enjoy the races!

Click here to see a page showing the type of map.

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Professional Filming by Hollywood Drones Ltd

Hollywood Drones Ltd is a professional filming company based in Oxford. We use traditional cameras, very high quality flying cameras and pro-grade light and sound to generate first class, tv grade videos.
  • Internal and External
  • Roofs, walls and objects
  • Close up view, high resolution
  • Safe
  • Reliable
  • Cost effective
  • Fast
  • High Quality
  • CAA Approved

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