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3D Surface and Building Surveys

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We achieve up to centimeter-grade, LiDAR-like 3D precision from lightweight compact cameras and large photogrammetric sensors. Advanced support of GCPs for optimal geo-location.

The output results are tailored to your industry needs and can be imported seamlessly into any GIS, CAD and traditional photogrammetry software package.

Your surveying skills will help you to produce results with centimeter-grade accuracy. The software we use allows us to assess the quality of your acquired data while still in the field in minutes. And the automatic workflow means we can create 2D topographic maps and orthomosaics, 3D raster DSMs and point clouds that can be delivered to you in record-time. Output results seamlessly integrate with CAD, GIS and traditional photogrammetry software.

Increase your productivity, cut down delivery-time to clients and use this superb topographic solution.

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