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Remote Visual Inspections

  • Safe
  • Reliable
  • Cost effective
  • Fast
  • High Quality
  • CAA Approved
  • 2D and 3D images
  • Written Reports
  • High resolution

Using the drones, our Remote Visual Inspection service captures comprehensive, high definition images of the entire surface of concrete and other structures. The process is safer, more cost effective and of greater quality than many existing methods.

The images captured by the drones are stitched together to create a large, high resolution 2D panorama allowing a high level of interrogation. Furthermore, we can produce 3D images of the structures for more detailed analysis.

The drones can also be used to access and record areas more difficult to reach than traditional methods, including the inside of structures, cooling towers etc.

Many structures require regular monitoring and inspection to detect imperfections, erosions and other damage on the surface of the structure. Defects require periodic checks to allow scheduled maintenance to avoid safety issues and loss of productivity. Unchecked damage may lead to unsafe working conditions and potentially catastrophic effects.

Traditional approaches to visual inspection of structures is often to employ rope or scaffold based teams to scale the asset and photograph potential defects. The resulting images from these inspections may be subjective, incomplete and reliant on the human eye and the conditions on the day.

Our solution offers comprehensive, high quality information produced in a timely, safe and cost effective manor.

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