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With ultra HD footage filmed from such a unique perspective (along with ground teams who are happy to supply any additional footage required) and our talented post production crew, we know you’ll love every second of the promo’s we can create for you.


You can monitor the progress of a major build through use of our software and cameras by allowing us to take time lapse UAV camera shots throughout the build.  This will enable you to monitor progress and help control costs. Downloaded images can be synced with your existing CAD software to produce Dynamic Simulation Modelling.

With maintenance in mind, we will happily provide you with a birds eye view of what’s happening to your building or structure as the years pass.  We are significantly less expensive than long term, mass use of scaffolding, which cannot provide a full picture and may restrict operations on site.  With our drones, we can provide annual building inspections and report on any structure.


For early morning location stills and video footage of your church or location from a truly unique perspective, to a fully edited storyline short film of your event, we can add a new dimension to your wedding video.


The use of  unmanned aerial systems has developed at light speed over the last two years and we are determined to stay ahead of the field.  We have the very latest aerial systems capable of providing ultra smooth footage, regardless of the time of day or night.  We can give your control direct access to high quality images on our Lightbridge  monitor system so you can remotely view images as they come in.  The ability of Unmanned systems to search remote or dangerous areas without risking additional lives, be it a water flooded building cut off from the mainland or a coastal cliff search looking for a fallen climber, the specialist lenses we use can quickly locate heat sources during the day or at night quicker than a search team.


We can provide images and video footage to suit a host of farming applications.  Technology has already made a significant contribution to the farming community and we are keen to continue in this development.  With software and lens filters we can help identify areas of fields that are either struggling and would benefit from additional fertiliser feeding and we are working with our farming community in Oxfordshire to help identify problem areas such as black grass etc.


Our experience has shown that there can never be enough boots on the ground, however staff do cost money.  We can provide support at events from an aerial perspective to help with traffic, incident and event management.


We’re genuinely excited about the vast range of services we can offer under this topic’s umbrella.  Using state of the art 4-D software we can produce everything from a 3-D model of your building (inside and out), volume surveying for the mining and building sectors, archeological 3-D builds of dig sites, heritage and cultural site management…. the list is endless.  If you would like us to send you a link demonstrating the power of this software, give us a call.

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