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Golf Course Promotion

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Golf Course Promotions

  • Safe
  • Reliable
  • Cost effective
  • Fast
  • High Quality
  • CAA Approved
  • Aerial View of the Course
  • Video Fly-throughs
  • Interactive Panoramas
  • Promote Facilities

Looking to provide the highest standard sales package to your top end clients? We truly believe that both your sellers and buyers will be totally blown away with the added dimension of aerial filming and photography from Hollywood Drones, leaving you with the opportunity to close the sale, time after time. With Estate Agents all competing to provide a higher level of service to their sellers, you really can see the benefits of adding that extra dimension, from above. We can provide everything from raw footage, to studio standard short films giving a guided tour of the grounds of your next major sale. Just imagine a virtual flight through the gates, gliding above the gravel drive to view the estate from a bird’s eye view.

Let us take the strain by supplying fully qualified pilots and insured UAV’s (commonly referred to as ‘drones’). The Civil Aviation Authority regulates the use of aerial equipment for commercial purposes and we’re fully qualified and insured so you can legitimately use your photographs and films. We’re more than happy to organise a one off event where you and your buyer can guide the camera around the estate at will and watch in high definition from a remote location, or provide a contract service where we video (and or) photograph a batch for a set fee, mileage included. Hollywood Drones really are at the forefront in providing ultra-high definition (4K) images for you and your customers, please give us a call to discuss.

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