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With the GPS trackers, a device in a waterproof jacket is placed in each boat before the races begin. These relay the position of the boat to the server, which compiles all the boat positions onto a map.

The map is displayed on your website, or on a page provided by us. The users can see all the boats positions with frequent updates so the audience can watch the race online in almost realtime. They can move around the map and zoom in to very good detail. When the race is complete the information is still available, so each race can be played back individually.

This way, the audience can see the whole race online, even when they can only see a part of the course.

We can also upload pictures and video quickly, again increasing audience engagement.

Banners and adverts can be strategically placed to help promote the sponsor, inform the audience of future events or educate them on the forthcoming races.

  • Contact Us

    Discuss your requirements - dates, number of boats, number of races, requirements of the website

  • Background building

    We build you a webpage to your specifications, or help you build your web page.

  • Races begin

    Audience satisfaction is increased as they watch the events online as well as in front of them.

  • Watch online

    The races, images and video are all available for others to watch again and again!..

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