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Wind Turbine Inspections

  • Safe
  • Reliable
  • Cost effective
  • Fast
  • High Quality
  • CAA Approved
  • 2D and 3D images
  • Written reports
  • High resolution

We are able to offer a Remote Visual Inspection Service for wind turbines as well as a overview of potential sites for the installation of new turbines.

Our range of drones and cameras means that we can supply high resolution stills and movie images in a safe and cost-effective way. By removing the need for cranes or climbers we can reduce the cost and risks associated with manual inspections, without reducing the effectiveness of the inspection.

We can provide detailed images of the tower, rotar hub and blades, and by being able to record high resolution images there is also the possibility to view the images in more detail and to seek a second opinion after the inspection has been completed. By being able to review footage off-site we are able to reduce the \’down time\’ for your turbine during the inspection process.

We are also able to save time by inspecting several turbines in a day as our drones are portable and easy to move between sites.

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